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Gate Repair Services

Gate Repair Services

It is the pride of our garage door company to also provide gate services with great efficiency

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Emergency Service

Emergency Service

Our first class 24/7 emergency garage door company provides fast and effective expert repairs at all times.

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Garage Door Maintenance And Adjustment

Garage Door Maintenance And Adjustment

With our garage door maintenance, we ensure perfect garage door operation and safety, since we check, lubricate, and fix all parts thoroughly

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Professional electric garage door installations

Prepare for the future by reading these garage door tips. They contain lost of useful details.

Get openers made with UL 325 regulations

Although, garage door openers are manufactured with the UL 325 regulations, the experts of our company in Glen Cove suggest that you should check the opener's label before you buy them. This way, you can be sure of the date of their production and that they integrate the basic safety beams and reverse mechanism systems.

Garage door tracks and functionality

Look for all the bolting and wall fixtures, as you need to have at least one inch of clearance between the door and its track. There will be some left and right movement but a few adjustments will resolve this. You may need to adjust the spring tension.

Keep your garage door clean

Whether made of steel, wood or fiberglass, a garage door needs to be cleaned in order to work efficiently. In that event, you can remove mud or dirt using a mild detergent solution and a soft dust cloth. Under no circumstances should you buy detergents which consist of chemicals.

Keep your garage door properly maintained and operated

As the largest moving equipment in your home, you should not take your garage door for granted. Repairs can be costly. Submit your unit for a routine checkup and maintenance at least once a year, according to a qualified garage door technician Glen Cove to avoid hassles.

Upgrade all the old components of your garage

All the old parts of your garage should be replaced with new ones. If you keep using these worn out components way past their limit, eventually they will get damaged. You can consult our professionals to help you decide which parts to choose.

Moving garage doors are extremely dangerous

When you open or close your automated garage door, please ensure that there is no-one around trying to come in or out of your garage. This applies to your pets as well. You should keep the door in view until it is completely opened or closed. It is also extremely unsafe to try and race into, or out of, your garage before the full cycle is completed or while the door is still moving.

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